Shahrukh Khan at Warwick Castle
Dream of Battle Launch


Dream Of Battle Launch At Warwick Castle

It’s every fans dream to get a moment with their hero. I’d been what they call “obsessed” since 30th August 2004 and I was getting a second chance to meet mine. Once before I had trekked up to see him at Madame Tussauds but my trip wasn’t much of a success. To get that chance again and for it to be much closer to home filled me with excitement. I was determined to have a grand day and so the countdown began.

I remember sitting in math’s class staring at the clock thinking to myself, “10:30am and I am out of here.” I rushed home; quickly changed, grabbed my bag, camera, pen and postcard and left for the train station.

As me and my mom caught the train I came to the conclusion that, that was the longest train journey of my life. Warwick castle just didn’t seem real, I never imagined Shahrukh coming to such an attraction but it was true even though I failed to believe it. Photographers and fans queued up behind black barriers and I had what I thought was the perfect view. I met some amazing people while I was there and came to realize how widely loved Shahrukh is by people of all ages, races and genders. The tension and excitement increased as the time grew nearer. After a series of being interviewed and snapped by the press I had butterflies in my stomach; leaving me feeling physically sick with excitement.

He was due at 2:30pm; 2:30pm came and went and still no Shahrukh; the anticipation was killing me. He was late but I knew he was coming, unlike others I had faith in him.

As I stared at the entrance, shadows approached and my heart skipped a beat as a man stepped out dressed in blue denim jeans and a pearly white shirt. The crowd was in uproar as we all went crazy for him. He was the most dashing thing I have ever set eyes on. As he smiled at the crowd I felt my heart melt. We took the opportunity to show how much we loved him as me and some other fans started to chant his name; “Shahrukh…Shahrukh…Shahrukh” we screamed before he looked up at us and took a bow; we had been noticed. As he held the sword high and cut the ribbon I felt as if I was in heaven. I had waited so long…too long… for such a perfect moment.



Shahrukh Khan

Part of me was anxious to see which way he would go? Would he come across us fans or would he walk the opposite way and not even acknowledge us. However it seemed like God was on my side that day as he came over to sign autographs for us fans. At this point people seemed to have lost control and the barriers kept moving forward as fans pushed themselves closer to him. At the other end of the barriers there we were dying for him to come over for that reason we screamed in chorus “We Love You Shahrukh.” He approached us slowly and I jerked my arm forward as I held my postcard and pen in front of him to sign. After a little wait he took somebody else’s pen and placed his name on my card. I felt as if my journey was complete and I finally had something to treasure for the rest of my life. As I pulled back I watched him interacting with people while I carefully examined every part of him. For yet he had not taken any photos next to fans but after pleading with him we managed to get him to pause from the hectic signing he was doing and got him to take a photo with a little girl who’s birthday it was going to be the day after. That small sacrifice of his made me realize how much he appreciated the love and support we gave him. He spent a great deal of his time signing autographs, interacting with fans; I even noticed him answer a phone call for one his fans. He was what I called my sweetheart.

As he left us, I was so energetic and just wanted to scream and shout about the fact he had acknowledged my presence. At such a young age my dream had already come true; I was one of the lucky few.

The rest of the day at the castle was just a small part of my trip to Warwick and all I really wanted to do was to go home and share my experience with everyone. I had been messaging people like crazy; phone call after phone call I told people of my success and they were all so happy for me as they know how much it meant to me.

As I left the castle I noticed a blacked out car with a few fans crowded around it, before I realized id left at the right time for I was going to get the chance to see him leave the castle too. As he came out this time wearing a leather jacket and dark sun glasses I didn’t think he would stop to come over but how I was wrong. As I said before it goes to show how much he appreciates us as fans. I stood back this time as other fans in front of me weren’t as lucky as I was before and they were dying for his autograph; but just to see him again left me leaving the castle at an advantage.

The whole day itself made me realize that if you don’t give up you surely can succeed. Most people would have been put off after my first experience at Madame Tussauds but I am glad I took the time out to try again and it just shows that one day you will get that special moment with your hero.

- Written by Sandy Bachra.

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